Iím testing out my skills at making an interesting website here Ė donít quite know what Iím doing but Iíll give it a go.


Well this is what Iím doing currently:


Iím working for Mackay Bailey Butchard Ltd, a small-ish accounting firm in ChristchurchÖ this is our website that I managed to co-ordinate to get up and runningÖ www.mbb.co.nz


This is me when I was young and cute Ė I donít know quite what happened but at least I can say I was good looking sometime in my lifeÖ


Conor was good looking once...


And this is where Iím currently living but not for too much longerÖ Iím moving out in a couple of weeks.

The garden was a bit overgrown...

Iíve more or less sorted out the garden now so it looks a lot better Ė Iíve taken after Dadís habit of pruning at ground level Ė itís very effective.